Esther Barnett Goffinet


Ripples of a Lie

The trial of the century did not involve a celebrity or well known public figure. The trial of the century centered around a man with character and integrity unmatched by most men. 

When the American Legion attacked the union hall in Centralia, Washington on November 11, 1919, it was the first time in history the union men fought back, leaving four soldiers dead. Innocent and unarmed, union man Eugene Barnett stood in the window of the hotel next door, a witness who could not be allowed to talk.  “We know you had nothing to do with this,” the prosecutor said, “but unless you keep your mouth shut, we’re gonna send you up.”   


Barnett had an extraordinary life through a turbulent time in our nation’s history.  Because of his willingness to sacrifice his life and freedom, every American has been touched by his contributions to our nation’s history.  Laws, beliefs and lives were transformed by his strength in doing what he believed was right….to tell the truth. This is the true story of Eugene Barnett.